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 充电式液压压接工具 >> EMT-300F


Product Name
EMT-300F Battery Powered Hydraulic Crimping Tool

EMT-300F is a battery powered hydraulic crimping tool, sold with 2 pcs Li-ion Battery, 1 pc charger, 1 pc Shoulder Strap and interchangeable dies (16-300mm2) and plastic carrying case. Tools details are as following:

  • Output: 6.7T      Ram Stroke: 16mm
  • Li-ion Battery: 18V    Battery Capacity: 3Ah   Charging Time: 2 Hours
  • Crimping Dies: 16  25  35  50  70  95  120  150  185  240  300 (mm2
  • Latch Type head can be easily opened for quick dies installation and cable insertion
  • Pistol Tool Body design for better balance and easy handling
  • Automatically release pressure and retract ram when complete crimping
  • Immediately stop motor and do not retract ram when release switch during operation
  • With manual retract button, manually retract ram in case of emergency or error
  • LED illumination for easier operation in dark place, LED indicator let operator charge battery in time
  • Powerful motor ensure sufficient working force
  • High-performance battery allow longer working times by one charge

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