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Product Name
Battery Powered Hydraulic Cutter

ESG-20G is a battery powered hydraulic cutter, intended to be used to cut Wire rope, Re-bar, Wire Strands, ACSR and underground cable. The tool is designed with Latch Type Head,

  • Stick Type Tool Body, Powerful Motor and High Performance Li-ion Battery
  • Standard Accessories: 1pc Tool  2pcs Li-ion Battery  1pc Charger  1pc Plastic Case
  • Output:5T   Cutting Capacity: depend on the material to be cut
  • Li-ion Battery: 18V  Battery Capacity: 3Ah  Charging Time: 2Hours
  • Cutting Range:(Diameter mm)
    6*7 wire Rop0e       16mm
    6*12 wire Rope       20mm
    6*19 Wire Rope       20mm
    Soft Cu Bar          16mm
    Soft Al Bar          16mm
    Soft Steel Bar       16mm
    Rebar                13mm
    Bare Cu Strands      20mm
    Bare Al Strands      20mm
    ACSR                 21mm
    1*7 Guy Steel Wire   15mm
    1*19 Guy Steel Wire  16mm
    Underground Cable    18mm
  • Latch Type Head Can be opened for easy access to the cable
  • Stick Type tool body design for light weight and easy handling
  • Automatically release pressure and return blade after cutting
  • Immediately stop motor when release switch for energy saving
  • With manual retract button, manually retract ram in case of emergency or error
  • LED illumination for easier operation in dark place, LED indicator let operator charge battery in time
  • Powerful motor ensure sufficient working force
  • High-performance battery allow longer working times by one charg

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